Course Description

Course Description

The track starts a little of the way up Eden Trail, which after a steep hill, merges with West Mountain Road, and ends near South Street. The course is a little over a 1/2 mile long for adults, and at the hard right where Eden Trail merges with West Mountain Road adult racers can expect speeds of up to 50 MPH or more. Adult carts will need to be stury. The final straightaway, about 2/3 of the course, will be lined with chearing fans, and vendors. There will be announcers on a platform overlooking the track near the finish line.

Racers will have staggered starting points, with the Kid-Class racers starting partway down the hill (0.3 mile course); Teen-Class racers a bit higher up (0.4 mile course); and Adult-Class racers at the top (0.6 mile course).

Racers will get two qualifying heats, going down the hill in pairs side by side with another racer. Drivers MUST stay in their lane for the first 200 feet or be penalized five seconds. After the 200' mark racers may change lanes, providing it is safe to do so. In each heat racers will trade lanes so they get one heat in the left lane and one in the right. Both racers run times will be added together for a total race time.

Racers will go in age order, from youngest to oldest, going through each division, one pair of carts every two minutes, with short breaks between each age group to move the starting and finish lines.

Kid Racers will run both heats back to back and have their own trophy ceremony before the Teen and Adult divisions go down the hill. The announcers will keep track of fastest times.

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